Timeless: Meditate Offline

Timeless is a way to meditate away from your phone. Pins are placed in the candle and drop on a sound bowl, creating a relaxing sound, at the intervals you decide. Objects hold power. Put your phone away and create a ritual that’s meant to serve you.
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Discover Timeless

Helping people disconnect and build meditation habit offline
In today's very online world, we are constantly bombarded with stimulus, and battling a sophisticated algorithm that is hungry for our attention and is poised to win. We know meditation is a solution to this problem. It’s proven in endless studies. Ironically, we use the same device that’s the root of our problems, as the antidote.

Timeless > Airplane Mode

Relying solely on airplane mode falls short of experiencing true tech-free bliss during your meditation practice. Here's why: 

- Distraction Detour: Airplane mode silences notifications, but the temptation to check your device remains. It's like taking a detour from your path to tranquility. 

-Subtle Interruptions: Even in airplane mode, our phones can subtly distract our minds. Say goodbye to daydreaming about addictive apps or funny videos.  

Objects hold power
Timeless allows you to put your phone away and create a ritual that’s meant to serve you. Keep it within eyeshot for a daily remainder to take your unplugged meditation time.

The Importance of Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Smartphone

1. Your phone is a sneaky addiction machine! It's designed to addict you by giving you little dopamine treats. But beware, these treats can leave you feeling more fatigued than happy. Ever had a Facebook session that left you with a mini-stress party in your temples and neck? 

2. It's a rollercoaster of FOMO and cortisol! Staying connected induces FOMO (fear of missing out), which brings out the stress hormone cortisol. The catch? Checking your phone temporarily eases that FOMO, making you want to check it even more. It's a never-ending loop!   

3. The culprit behind sleepless nights: blue light. Your smartphone emits this sneaky blue light that messes with your internal sleep schedule. Say hello to impaired judgment, moody moods, learning struggles, and creative roadblocks. 

4.  Get ready to be intensely distracted while thinking you're focused! Using your phone keeps you in a state of intense distraction, ironically making it harder to be truly present in the real world. 

So, it's time to set those boundaries and have a healthier relationship with your phone! 

Be in the present moment with Timeless

Place the pin.
On the time you want your session to last. 

Light the candle.
In a comfortable, quiet place to get your practice going.  
Breath it out. 
Concentrate on your breathing. 
Wait for the relaxing sound of Timeless to bring you back to focus. 

Why Timeless?

Offline Ritual
A tech free connection to yourself daily. Take space away from your phone.
Reset your nervous system
Reduce your stress and anxiety by creating a daily habit. Make clearer decisions.
Stay consistent & build a habit
Strengthen your focus and intention on a daily basis with a physical object to remind you of your commitment to yourself.
Looks good anywhere
A thoughtfully designed tool that can sit on a shelf, altar or coffee table, bringing light to any space.

Timeless in the Words of Our Customers

"I can't express how much Timeless has helped me find my calm. Dealing with anxiety used to feel like an uphill battle, but Timeless turned it all around. What's so great is that it's a tech-free option, no distractions!  Timeless is a must-have for anyone seeking inner peace. Thank you, Timeless, for giving me the strength to face life fearlessly!"

Emily Johnson

New York City, New York

"Timeless has become my go-to buddy for meditation! Seriously, forming a meditation habit was a struggle, but Timeless changed the game. No tech distractions, just pure serenity. It sets the mood perfectly, and I feel so centered and connected during each session. Thanks a ton, Timeless, for making my mindfulness journey a breeze!"

Alex Patel

San Francisco, California

"I'm absolutely in love with Timeless! Seriously, it's like a work of art that fits right into my space. Plus, using it is a breeze! No complicated stuff, just pure beauty and simplicity. Big shoutout to the creators for this gem!"

Sophia Williams

Los Angeles, California

"Wow, Timeless is a game-changer! Setting it up was a piece of cake, and it brings this calming vibe like no other. Seriously, it's effortless! My meditation sessions have reached a whole new level of zen. It truly lives up to its name. If you want to meditate without any hassle, this is it! I'm seriously impressed, guys!"

Liam Anderson

Austin, Texas


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¿How do I measure time with Timeless?

The candles that come with Timeless have stamped dots that mark approximately five minute intervals. Since melting time varies between locations, we suggest you calibrate your candle in your particular space to make it as accurate as possible.

¿Does Timeless come with candles?

Yes! You will receive three candles with your Timeless bowl. This candles are stamped with time intervals and when you go through them, you can buy refills!

¿When will Timeless launch?

We are building a user base before we go life. We expect to launch in the summer of 2023. The faster we get the word out, the faster we can launch, so share it with your friends :)

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