About Us

Already There makes wellness fun! We create tools, objects, and reminders to help you win the battle of taking care of yourself and to create your most authentic work.


    • A lighthearted and playful approach is the way to work with stress & anxiety and find clarity. Overly serious and stressful wellness defeats the purpose. 
    • We are all interconnected and your responsibility of taking care of the world starts with taking care of yourself. 
    • Quieting your mind helps you find what makes you come alive. And the world needs you to come alive!
    • Because you can do it on your cellphone, doesn't mean you always should. 
    • Sharing is caring. Gifting mindfully is a virtue.
    • Balancing "being" and "doing" in the present moment is the way to create your best work. 
    • Beautiful objects in your spaces make you feel better. 


    We are a global brand, based out of New York, Texas and Colombia bringing in a wealth of wisdom from a breadth of perspectives. The name landed on a walk during a work break, while listening to David Byrne's Lyrics from the Talking Heads song Naive Melody. "Home, I guess I'm Already There."
    As we saw busy people around us, tripping over themselves to do the next thing. "I'll just do this for a while..... then I'll do the work I really want to do". We felt the world could be transformed by people creating from a place of fullness, authenticity, and aliveness in the moment.
    We saw the wellness industry as often unwelcoming and riddled with big egos.
    We set out to build a brand that took a playful and welcoming approach to taking care of yourself. Today!


    You will find each of our products to be thoughtfully designed and to bring light to your space. While we have the precious gift of your attention, we will treat it with care and put a smile on your face.


    Already There LLC. For customer service contact info (AT) alreadythere.life