The Already There Mindfulness Course

3 weeks of 3 minute daily exercises

Our course is now closed... Join our waitlist to find out when we launch the next cohort! Hundreds of people who have improved their lives with more appreciation and presence after only 3 weeks!


We’ll give you the tools to help you feel more present and fully embrace wherever you’re in your journey. 

If you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed, or like you’re glossing over life to get to the next milestone. This course will show you transformational practices to enjoy where you are and move forward more effectively in a state of ease. 

Each exercise is based on one of the practices from our daily journal. 

"Perfect Timing !! Working from home and completely needed this!!" - Sara S

"I took a mindfulness seminar with all of this wrapped up in a few hours. I found the slow pace really great to learn the lessons" - Bob A

"I appreciate these tools so much and thank you for the guidance." - James K

"I loved the reminder in my inbox to breathe and cheer myself on. Lots of lessons here I'm going to apply in my life. I'm taking the course again!" - Nick

Why take the course

  • Reduce daily overwhelm and keep yourself in the moment
  • Engage with your senses
  • Be confident that you're just where you need to be
  • Feel grateful and abundant
  • Cultivate and practice your muscles for appreciation, self-responsibility, and kindness to yourself and others. 
  • Invest in your happiness and learn tools that will make life easier and more fun

3 weeks of 3 minute daily exercises

Join the hundreds of people who have taken this course as a step towards appreciation and presence