Trust Like A tree

This weekend I found myself over planning. It's a habit of a strategist to think a few steps ahead.

Sometimes it's useful, but a lot of times it's an overactive muscle that gets in the way.

When I find myself future-tripping, I look for inspiration in trees. 🌳

They're constantly orienting themselves toward the light (Called phototropism).

They don't do this by planning where the light may be next week or next season, but by slowly responding and shifting toward it on a day-to-day basis.

This gives there them a beautiful organic structure. Thousands of micromovements towards the light on a daily basis. Every day shifting slightly with trust.


Where can you let go of anxiety and future-tripping, and trust that little daily orientations will get you where you need?


"Trust in your journey, for it knows the way. Just follow the signs that have always been there."


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