The Question That Will Help You Focus

Here is one question to help you focus:

What one thing can you can do that would make everything easier or irrelevant?

Finding yourself on a tangent as you move toward your goals is natural.

It's the creative brain at work and we should be thankful for it. The trick is in coming back and putting yourself back on track.

We have to say "thank you but maybe later" to the tangents. Jot them down for later if we have to. Then re-recognizing and re-identify our main priorities.

When everything seems important, find the lead tasks that could eliminate so many things from your list that snuck in there.


Ask yourself the focusing question:

"What one thing I can work on today do that would make everything easier or irrelevant?"

Now take at least one thing off your plate that's no longer relevant.

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." - Bruce Lee


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