Creating from fullness while reaching after big things.

Taking on big projects can be daunting. There is a neverending list of tasks to tackle. Sometimes you can push yourself by feeling like you have to get over this hurdle or the next and you'll arrive. 

While milestone rewards are great, there is a more dangerous side when this is taken to an extreme.

Many entrepreneurs motivate themselves by placing their entire lives several years into the future.

Some sacrifice is great, but at what cost? 

That psychology can bleed into their personal lives and leave them miserable. They put the life they want to live constantly a few years ahead even when they arrived at where they want to be. It's a mindset that's hard to shake. 

The world is constantly changing and when you're on the other end you'll find that both you, the world and everyone around is that a completely different place while you had your blinders on. 

To avoid this, it's essential to create from a place of fullness. To know that your life is today and it's where it needs to be. Then using that energy of abundance and creating bigs from there. 

Your projects will incidentally be more enjoyable, useful to others, and you'll be building on long term habits that will keep you creating for decades to come. 

Next time you catch yourself creating from fear of scarcity, take some time to concentrate on your personal life and ask yourself what you need to do create from a place of mindful contentment. 

Creating from fulness is an essential habit to cultivate and will pay dividends in both the present moment and long term for both you and everyone you create for. 


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